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With the control the banks retain in today’s borrowing world, obtaining a residential mortgage home loan is a process you need to take seriously.

When you work with Anthony J Marinaccio as your Chicagoland and Chicago Mortgage Broker you are in direct link to the bank’s current local state mortgage guidelines & regulations. With his experience and understanding of these ever-changing rules, he truly simplifies the lending process for his clients. Let’s face it, this is not something a normal homeowner navigates more than once in a couple years, and many times it will be a decade before you mortgage a home again.  Every time you come back, it will be different! You need to be in as much control as you can and the only way to understand the full thought process of the banks is to work with a lender like Anthony that executes over 200+ transactions a year.

There is no single client like the next. You may make the same money as someone else, but the way you handle your credit, deal with your finances and manage your life planning alters the appetite of every single bank.  When you match that to the ever-changing dynamics of today’s local real estate inventory you will find out very quickly that navigating the mortgage process can be a challenge and that you can only become better prepared.  In order to reach your goals when retaining a mortgage, you need direct access to as many of the best-qualified banks in one single location that you can. Work with a local broker because it will save you time and money.” Anthony J Marinaccio

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Homebuyers Guide

Buying a home is one of life’s most exciting adventures. Being a homeowner gives you the opportunity to put down roots, become part of a community, and build your wealth for the future. But the trek to becoming a homeowner is no small feat. The good news is, you’ve come to the right place. This Homebuyer’s Guidebook has everything you need to get acquainted with the homebuying process, from getting a mortgage to receiving the keys to your new home. As you move through the process, remember, we’ll be here to answer any questions you have and guide you each step of the way.

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Homebuyer Booklet

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Get PreApproved Now!

Do you know that there is a huge difference between PreQualified and PreApproved and that over 90% of sellers and the real estate agents that sell their homes demand a PreApproval!  As well did you know that most major banks and institutions never allow the better of the two, PreApproval Letter!  Even if they pull your credit and take an application fee!

PreQuailfed is a basic conversation with a mortgage professional that acts like the Cliffs Notes version of a review of your borrowing ability.  It’s a simple conversation about your income and debts too quickly determine if your “say-so” income can cover the debts of a home.  While these mortgage consultants may fill in the conversation with substance and sometimes pull your credit, this PreQualification Letter, that they can only provide, is valued at about nothing…and that’s exactly how the seller and the seller’s real estate agent will interpret your qualifications.

PreApproved goes beyond a surface of review.  First, you will need to work with someone that is allowed to offer a PreApprovla Letter.  Many retail banks deny the loan officer the right to give you this letter. Then, you will actually apply for a loan and have a full review of your income documents along with many other factors that can hinder your ability to own down a home.  A PreApproval will provide you with the industry standards to make yourself more qualified to a seller and for them to take your offer to buy their home more seriously.  In fact, many relocation companies (who control the sale of a home) around the world never allow a PreQualification Letter with an offer to buy a home, ever!  They will just turn your offer down unit provided, and if you are in a multiple-bid situation they will move to the next offer and never call you back!

If you work with someone who cannot put the word PreApproval on a letter, you’re hindered. When you allow Anthony to truly pre-underwrite your loan documentation and personally PreApprove you to buy a home, that means the last thing you need to do on your list is simply contract on a home.

With Anthony J Marinaccio as your Chicagoland and Chicago Mortgage Broker, you have a higher level of control to become a stronger qualified buyer!  Win over those other buyers by being more prepared!

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Free Credit Score

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When buying a home you need to make sure you are as prepared as possible for your Chicagoland and Chicago Mortgage Broker. Nothing gets you more prepared then knowing where your credit scores are along with the needed personal documents to qualify for a loan.

A credit score is a mathematical algorithm and tells a story about your ability to manage and pay back debt.  The scores that are delivered by the three bureaus are different because there are many different formulas to produce a score.  As well, businesses do not always report to all three bureaus.

There are a lot of credit options out there, but this option is truly free with no gimmicks or cross-selling and the only source authorized by Federal Law.  This report also matches that of the ones used by the mortgage industry.

Enjoy the use of this free credit report to get a real understanding of your mortgage related credit rating.  Other gimmicky sites and providers that produce scores can be misleading as they are consumer credit ratings for the use of things like credit cards or car loans.

Use this Free Credit Report tool to get exactly what we mortgage professionals use to better prepare yourself when searching for the right mortgage.



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