Trusting Your Teammate

In any type of transaction, total trust is the cornerstone. Yet trust isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s anything but a casual notion. We all tend to trust someone at first that maybe we’ve never worked with before to some degree. After all, we expect professionals to do what they’re supposed to do. But one mess-up and that trust will evaporate immediately. Any lasting trust is something that is based upon long time performance. As it relates to real estate, it means once you send a copy of a sales contract to the lender and attorney, because you’ve worked with them before on multiple transactions, you can put that deal to bed and get back on the street buying and selling homes.

When I put my name on a preapproval letter, it’s because I’ve done the necessary research needed in order to fund that mortgage. Collectively, my teams and I close more than 150 transactions per year and when there’s an issue we’re right on top of it. Buyers communicate. Attorneys are involved. There are limited to no surprises. Over time, there is such a level of trust that the idea of fallout isn’t even an issue.

We all know that communication is key and it couldn’t be any more important than that actual real estate transaction. There are so many different players involved and documents to order that if just one plate stops spinning the entire transaction comes to a halt. Yet working with those you know professionally with a proven track record, you know the closing process will be a smooth one. If you’re currently not working with a team, then let’s talk. On our team, our preapproval-to-closing ratio currently stands at 92% percent compared to non-team transactions (when you do not know they lender) at less than 50 percent from preapproval-to-closing!!

Let’s work together!

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