Millennials and Money – Cheap Rates under Higher Income

Did you know, young buyers are more qualified today than their parents were, and here's what to know! Money is half the cost for Millennials than it was for their parents.  A $50,000 loan then is the same cost per month as a $100,000 loan now (simple math on lower rates).  Also, the percentage of … Continue reading Millennials and Money – Cheap Rates under Higher Income

Integrated Disclosure Rule: TILA & RESPA Updates

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) promise to change how banks present disclosure materials on August 1, 2015. Prepare your loan officers and bankers with the following sample forms, FAQ sheets, webinars and other resources designed specifically to help bank officials meet compliancy by the August 1 deadline. … Continue reading Integrated Disclosure Rule: TILA & RESPA Updates

The Out-of-Towner

The Internet certainly has its advantages. It seems that most anything can be researched, scoured and discovered simply by logging online and typing in a few keystrokes in Google. And if the Internet has helped any industry more than the real estate, I’d like to know. Real estate agents can post their client’s property on … Continue reading The Out-of-Towner

Residential Closing Checklist for Buyers

Residential Closing Checklist for Buyers By: Gregory Braun Residential real estate closings can be frustrating. Challenges can arise at any of the many steps required for a successful closing, making residential real estate closings anything but routine. Today, buyers find closings increase their stress levels more than ever due to dramatically more stringent lending requirements … Continue reading Residential Closing Checklist for Buyers

Consumer Confidence is dropping….

Jobless claims jumped 11,000 in the September 10 week to an unexpectedly high 428,000. The prior week was revised 3,000 higher to 417,000. The Labor Department isn't citing any effect from Hurricane Irene though last week the department said they did see the possibility of the small upward revision to the September 3 week. Though … Continue reading Consumer Confidence is dropping….

REO’s to HIT HARD!!!

So...Let’s think like a bank today.  What happens to the market when rates spike... it creates a sense of urgency to buy before the deal of the century is just a story and the lazy refi'ers get off their fence before there is no benefit. When rates go up who earns more interest on these … Continue reading REO’s to HIT HARD!!!

Useful tips that resonate with buyers…

Hi! So many people have the new tip and innovative way to sell any home, capture any buyer... the catch is that is costs money and eats away at a lot of your time. What's the point of paying for marketing materials if you have to do all the work and figure out how to gain the … Continue reading Useful tips that resonate with buyers…