The Clear Path

Everyone likes to know what the future will bring. There’s a certain comfort in predictability. Sure, an adventure of any sort can get be exciting but certain things shouldn’t be left to chance. For example, if you want to take a trip somewhere that you’ve never been, don’t you want a map/plan? At least directions … Continue reading The Clear Path

Sometimes You Just Wanna Know

You’ve been in this situation before or know someone who has, right? A seller accepts an offer and just a few days away from closing the attorney calls and says he doesn’t yet have the closing papers. After a couple of phone calls you find out that the deal fell through; the buyer didn’t qualify … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Wanna Know

Seller Financing?

Sometimes people have problems finding enough money for a down payment and closing costs.  Even though many strive to put 20 percent down to get the best rate and to avoid private mortgage insurance, sometimes they fall short; right when their perfect dream home happens to be listed.  But buyers don’t always have to wait … Continue reading Seller Financing?

Cash Bonus

You just got an offer on your Hinsdale property listing.  This single family home was only on the market for six weeks but your sellers needed a quick sale and you complied, pricing the home just right.  Naturally, the buyers order an inspection to make sure your listing is in top-top shape.  But it’s not … Continue reading Cash Bonus

Sitting Ducks, New Low Rates & Great Home Prices is Best Time to Buy

Consumer confidence fell to a six- week low as the costliest gasoline in almost three years worsened Americans' perceptions of their finances.  When consumer confidence is low the markets drop and this lowers interest rates.  “The Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index dropped to minus 46.9 in the period to May 8, the worst reading since March, from … Continue reading Sitting Ducks, New Low Rates & Great Home Prices is Best Time to Buy

The Importance of Staging Your Home

1. The number one rule of home staging is to depersonalize. If you do nothing else, you absolutely need to pack away anything that makes the house 'yours' as opposed to theirs. Your family photos may be precious to you, but to a buyer, they're clutter. Clear off counters and shelves, pack away books and … Continue reading The Importance of Staging Your Home