Standard Mortgage Loan Options

Lenders today offer traditional mortgages that are very similar to one another. Pricing can be a bit different and so can the loan approval guidelines. These guidelines, no matter how slight, can mean the difference between a loan approval and one turned down. That means while you can contact as many banks as you choose, they’re not able to tell you what those differences may be. That’s why you need someone who knows how the banks navigate the in the Chicagoland.  Anthony J Marinaccio, your premier Chicago Mortgage Broker is able to help you search hundreds of banks in seconds to cut through the confusing red tape and get you the ideal loan for your needs.

These are just some of the standard types of mortgages you will be able to access with Anthony:


30 YR | 20 YR | 15 YR

Pick Your Term Loans: 29 years, 18.5 years, you pick it

ARM – Adjustable Rate Mortgages

5 YR | 7 YR | 10 YR

Interest Only Mortgage

Loans that only have you paying the interest due each month, with zero calls for principal reduction

Purchase Mortgage

Buying a new home means you are new money to a bank, there is a way to find a better deal when using this to get a loan

Refinance Mortgage

Rate and Term for a new Rate or Different Type of Mortgage

Cash Out Refinance in order to put Cash in Your Hands

HELOC – Home Equity Line of Credit – A Mortgage that is a lot like a credit card