Reduce Fallout Working With a Preferred Team

It’s more than frustrating when a deal falls apart, it’s also costly especially on your time (and maybe a parking ticket or two). All the time you spent working with the client before making an offer is wasted. But why did it fall out? One of the main reasons is knowing who all the players are in the transaction. Not just knowing their names but knowing in the sense of working with preferred them on a daily basis; e.g real estate agent, lender, and attorney team.

I’ve tracked our data over the years and we’ve found that from pre-approval to closing, team transactions have a 97 percent close ratio compared to less than 50 percent without a team. That’s an increase in closings of 50 percent. Can you look back the past year and see what a 50 percent increase in closings would do to your overall volume last year?  Ask some of my agent partners, I am sure you know one or two…when I green light your buyer from preapproval, and they contract on a home, it closes!

Working with a team means all you need to do is sign the contract and then continue to sell more homes. The team takes it from there. But more than that, working with a team means there is a level of trust that cannot be attained otherwise. You know all the players. You know that when your loan officer says your client is qualified and you’ve received a preapproval letter, you’ve done your job, giving you more time to sell more homes.

If you’re not working with a team now, then let’s talk. We have more information we can share with you. For example, I personally close more than 100 transactions per year and have decades of experience. Let’s put that experience to work for you to increase your close ratio and give you more time to do the things you do best.  Think about all the things I see agents do daily, I see what works and what fails.

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