Make Those Renters into Buyers!

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“Geez!  I have been working some floor duty lately and I am getting run ragged by all these people that call in and just need/want to rent!”

Is this you?  I have heard this quote from many, many realtors in the last few weeks, and every time I hear it a huge cash register goes off in my head with anticipation for a great 2012.  It is probable that all of these renters will end up being buyers in the next 12 to 24 months!

Here is a 5 step process to make sure that the time you are spending with possible renters now is 100% worth while.

  1. Spend the time to help them rent!  Although a little painful now, go through your usual process, make them love you, and help them find something now that meets their short term needs while planting the longer term seed.
  2. Put them into your drip campaign to make sure you are checking in with them on a monthly basis at a minimum, and send them listings in the area whether they ask for them or not.
  3. Refer them to a lender (like me for example J  ) right now, not in 12 months!!  Most likely they are renting for a reason, may not be qualified, and now is the time to get them on a 12 month plan to make sure they are 100% qualified when it is time to go buy.
  4. I will get them on my relationship campaign as well!  I will work with them every month to make sure they are saving, fixing their credit, etc, and of course I am keeping your name in front of them every step of the way.
  5. When the time comes to buy, I will arm you and the client with a Loan Commitment (not a pre-approval) so that this non-contingent buyer has maximum purchasing power when they are making offers, and we can close quickly.

And of course, lastly, you have made a client for life, and a raving fan who will be referring you friends and family, sometimes before they even go and buy themselves.

I have successfully executed this plan with realtors for years, especially in the true purchase markets like we are seeing today (ie, people purchasing based on need and not speculation, etc) –

Let me help you make 2012 your best year ever!







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