Tips & Take-Aways

Asset Based Mortgage Lending

No Income? No Worries!  With our Asset Based Mortgage Loan product, we can by-pass the standard rules of reported income to get you a real interest deductible mortgage loan!

Buy a Home without Selling

If you find that you keep loosing in multiple bid situation because you need to sell your home in order to buy, you will love this product.  Eliminate the lack of control you have and remove the need to sell in order to buy!

Condo Mortgage Loan

You have great income and a solid down payment, so you assume you are all set!  Then you find out the hard way just before you need to move in, condo building you want to buy is not financeable.  Now you can’t get your lender to issue a closed loan.  With our expanded condo home loan mortgages, we have the knowledge and solutions to help you close!

Doctor Mortgage Loan

If you are Doctor in need of a “doctor home loan” that reduces the standard rules it takes to get a loan, Anthony J Marinaccio is your go to!  Remove student loan debts, get a loan without PMI.

DOs and DONTs When Getting A Home Loan

Wish you would have known what you can and can’t do during the process of buying a home and getting a mortgage? Take a glance at this list and you will be more aware of the Do’s and Don’ts!

Military Mortgage Loans

Hey Veterans, we have great VA Home Loans and we also offer a Military On The Move Home Loan.  Make sure to understand the options for VA Home Loans, click here to learn more!

What Documents Do I Need for a Home Loan

Want to know what Paperwork Banks Need to get a home loan, tap this link and print this list!  This is also the same list of Paperwork Needed to Get PreApproved for a home loan!

Quickest Mortgage Loan

This is the fastest way to get a home loan! Use the tips and tricks noted here to make the home buying process streamlined.

Renting vs Owning

By far the largest question asked when thinking about buying a home.  What are the benefits of Owning vs Renting and what tax deductions benefits are available to homeowners?

Rocket Mortgage Loan

Ever hear about a quick easy home loan, it’s not rocket science, it’s simple technology and we have uses this for a long time now.  Click here to learn about the day-one certainty technology used to make your loan process as fast as a rocket!