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When buying a home you need to make sure you are as prepared as possible for your Chicagoland and Chicago Mortgage Broker. Nothing gets you more prepared then knowing where your credit scores are along with the needed personal documents to qualify for a loan.

A credit score is a mathematical algorithm and tells a story about your ability to manage and pay back debt.  The scores that are delivered by the three bureaus are different because there are many different formulas to produce a score.  As well, businesses do not always report to all three bureaus.

There are a lot of credit options out there, but this option is truly free with no gimmicks or cross-selling and the only source authorized by Federal Law.  This report also matches that of the ones used by the mortgage industry.

Enjoy the use of this free credit report to get a real understanding of your mortgage related credit rating.  Other gimmicky sites and providers that produce scores can be misleading as they are consumer credit ratings for the use of things like credit cards or car loans.

Use this Free Credit Report tool to get exactly what we mortgage professionals use to better prepare yourself when searching for the right mortgage.



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