Crypto-Assets to Real-Estate Investments

Many foreign real estate investors have technical issues of getting capital into the US, converted to USD in order to buy real estate.  Several times a year I have conversations with wealthy individuals or groups of investors looking for creative mortgage options to finance the shortage of cash for a targeted US property.

Often I am able to help with one or even two mortgages to acquire those properties, but then the process becomes heavily restrictive and un-clearable hurdles begin to transpire. All while the investors would like to continue to buy additional real estate.

With the simplified process of acquiring and transferring crypto-assets, like Bitcoin, it is much easier to get capital into US-Dollars in order to buy real estate.  With this proven model we act as your managing partner and we handle the entire process from crypto-asset transfer to USD in order to acquire hard tangible assets; real estate.

As a side note, we are researching the use of Ripple with the intentions to eventually use this platform.

The process is pretty simple after a conversation with us.

Simply get an account with a CoinBase app, TrezorWallet, GDAX, etc… these are all fee-based platforms that will require you to pay and cover basic fees when buying crypto-assets.  GDAX tends to be significantly lower in fees but may require a higher level of experience.

  1. Create an Account.
  2. Connect to your bank account in order purchase Bitcoin or any less volatile Crypto-Asset we approve.
  3. After you have acquired the number of funds needed, that will transfer to the correct USD amount to buy real estate, you transfer your funds from your “Wallet ID/Address” to our “Wallet ID/Address” while we use a new fresh address per transaction.
  4. After you acquire the amount needed, you simply send funds to us, where you select and send to our account address or Wallet ID.  You may need to open your wallet or send funds tab and create a new label, e.g. “Crypto-Asset-4-Real-Estate” and then paste our given address/Wallet ID.
  5. Once the pathway is created, we first test that with a one-unit transfer for delivery success.
  6. Within seconds, after the first delivery test is verified and confirmed, we convert the rest of the required amount via single or multiple transfers.
  7. Once we retain the crypto-asset we handle the conversion to USD$.
  8. Then we act as your managing partner to buy your targeted real estate in an LLC (or other like formed-business).

In this process, we act as your managing partner-buyer and we deal with the entire process from crypto-asset transfer to USD, then to real estate ownership while we never get legally recorded on title leaving you with full ownership of the real estate – solely in your LLC (or other legally like formed-business).

It is simple and we charge as little as a 5%-10% USD Fee associated with the entire process; crypto-assets to real-estate ownership.

We follow a high level of ethics, and all funds from foreign accounts will come with some form of global standard practices set by the CFA Institute. The CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

We have a legal team and CPAs that have a proven track record and are fully accessible to you in each transaction. They will easily work cohesively with your representatives and legal counsel. Separate fee-based.

This service is currently offered in order to acquire real estate the entire United States.

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