How to Increase Inventory

We all know inventory is tight in today’s market. Homes are selling fast and most list prices are being met. But in reality, inventory is tight in certain price ranges. How so? Let’s say your clients have been preapproval to buy a home in the $350,000 range. How many homes can you find right now … Continue reading How to Increase Inventory

The Golden Oldies: Interest Rates

You remember that nice couple just a few years ago that wanted to buy home but their lender declined them? Did they tell you the lender said they just didn’t yet make enough money to qualify for the type of home they wanted and decided to wait until they earned more? Sure you do, everyone … Continue reading The Golden Oldies: Interest Rates

Fix That Fence

An inspection is part of any prudent purchase.  Sellers could get an independent property inspection performed before listing so there are no surprises. And buyers should always have a property inspection after any offer is accepted.  Prudence pays.  But when an inspection indicates repairs are needed or the seller and buyer agree to specific property … Continue reading Fix That Fence

Today’s Simple!

Sell now before rates go up, because those same buyers today will not qualify for the same loan amount a year out! Win-Win, Sell-Sell! Past Blog Reminder: A couple years ago when rates were around 5.375 percent, someone making $50,000 per year might qualify to borrow about $230,000.  By putting 20 percent down, that’s a … Continue reading Today’s Simple!

Mortgage Rates and Things to Watch This Week…

Last Two Weeks... Wow, a lot of confusing movement in the market last week.  Not only is it clearly due to the Government pulling out of diversified investments and bulking into Mortgage Backed Securities with intentions to drive rates down and create spendable consumer dollars, but day-to-day investor emotions played a MAJOR affect as well!  Expect … Continue reading Mortgage Rates and Things to Watch This Week…