How to Increase Inventory

We all know inventory is tight in today’s market. Homes are selling fast and most list prices are being met. But in reality, inventory is tight in certain price ranges. How so? Let’s say your clients have been preapproval to buy a home in the $350,000 range. How many homes can you find right now … Continue reading How to Increase Inventory

Why You Should Read the HOA Docs Before Making an Offer

Whether you’re thinking about buying and financing a condo or maybe you’ve got your eye on a home located in an area governed by a Homeowners Association, or HOA, beyond considerations such as price, location and other buying factors you need to know what you’re getting into. When buying real estate in what is referred … Continue reading Why You Should Read the HOA Docs Before Making an Offer

Different Stages of Loan Approval…Really?

Loan officers are taught very early on to be careful about using the term “approval.” Yet there are indeed various stages of the word that should be used with certain qualifiers when loan officers speak with their clients. It might very well surprise many to find out that no, “approval” doesn’t automatically mean, “Here are … Continue reading Different Stages of Loan Approval…Really?

Weekly Recap Mid Dec 2017

​The Tax Reform: Did you know that it wasn't TRUMP who introduced a reduction in mortgage interest due to lowering the qualifying loan amounts. The Senate and the House have passed their respective tax bill reforms and they are now in a review to merge the two.  Both plan to eliminate the state income tax deduction while each threatens real estate deductions. Many … Continue reading Weekly Recap Mid Dec 2017

Conventional Loan Limits

New Conventional Loan Limits

This is great news for the real estate industry!  It makes the more simplified standards in lending allow for a higher mortgage amount as FHFA raise the 2018 Conventional Loan Limits. According to the to Federal Housing Finance Agency - Washington, D.C. – The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) today announced the maximum 2018 conforming loan limits for … Continue reading New Conventional Loan Limits