Asset Based Mortgage Loans

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Many asset heavy individuals want to leverage their investments to gain access to cash in order to buy real estate. Most times the asset manager wants to retain control of that asset, or offer an asset-based loan that is not a mortgage-interest deductable product.

Anthony J Marinaccio will present a mortgage that considers assets but does not collateralize them. The Asset Based Mortgage provides access to a mortgage on fixed terms that never encumbers the asset or requires transfer or pledging of the funds!

•No Pledge Required
•Leave Funds with your Preferred Investment Manager
•Liquid Assets – Stock, Bonds, IRAs, etc.
•Gain Mortgage Interest Deductions
•High Asset to Loan Ratios
•For Personal Residential Real Estate – Primary Residence and Vacation Homes
•Fixed Terms of 5 yr | 7 yr | 10yr – On 30-year Amortizations!
•Automatically Renewable at Initial Maturity

Asset Based Mortgage Lending

Asset Based Mortgage Lending